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The Dark Side of dA Muro by KaoTheHedgehog The Dark Side of dA Muro :iconkaothehedgehog:KaoTheHedgehog 0 0 Me Being a MapleFanboy by KaoTheHedgehog Me Being a MapleFanboy :iconkaothehedgehog:KaoTheHedgehog 0 0 Lucky Charms Guild Grand Masters by KaoTheHedgehog Lucky Charms Guild Grand Masters :iconkaothehedgehog:KaoTheHedgehog 0 0 Guardian of the Skies: Ho-oh by KaoTheHedgehog Guardian of the Skies: Ho-oh :iconkaothehedgehog:KaoTheHedgehog 0 2 Guardian of the Seas: Lugia by KaoTheHedgehog Guardian of the Seas: Lugia :iconkaothehedgehog:KaoTheHedgehog 3 0 Heaven's True Ultimate Dragon by KaoTheHedgehog Heaven's True Ultimate Dragon :iconkaothehedgehog:KaoTheHedgehog 0 2 Almighty Sky Dragon Rayquaza by KaoTheHedgehog Almighty Sky Dragon Rayquaza :iconkaothehedgehog:KaoTheHedgehog 9 3
I Will Be Here For You
Lance's POV
God... Anna was just too irresistible. I just can't get her out of my head! Every 2 minutes, my mind wanders back to her.
I plopped down on my couch, about to turn on the TV, when I hear a knock on the door. Could that be her?
Anna's POV
Here I am, standing outside Lance's door. I just can't stop thinking about Lance. Does he like me or not? Oh, my head hurts whenever I think about that question.
"Oh, hi Anna. Uh, come in so you, uh, don't freeze."
:iconkaothehedgehog:KaoTheHedgehog 8 10
Black Yin Dragon Zekrom by KaoTheHedgehog Black Yin Dragon Zekrom :iconkaothehedgehog:KaoTheHedgehog 5 7 White Yang Dragon Reshiram by KaoTheHedgehog White Yang Dragon Reshiram :iconkaothehedgehog:KaoTheHedgehog 2 1 Ultima Kao the Hedgehog by KaoTheHedgehog Ultima Kao the Hedgehog :iconkaothehedgehog:KaoTheHedgehog 0 0
Winged Dragon of Ra
This is my version of the Winged Dragon of Ra chant. Enjoy!
Almighty Beast of the sun and the sky
I beg of thee Please hear my cry.
Transform thyself from orb of light
and bring me victory in this fight.
Descend from the sky and aid me in this game!
The Hedgehog of Dragons calls out your name!
:iconkaothehedgehog:KaoTheHedgehog 0 0
One night...
Ok pplz. This story is about my character, Kao the Hedgehog. It is told from his POV. Enjoy!
"Silver. You finished with your homework?" I asked him.
"Yup. Now can I play some video games?" he asked me.
"Uh, sure."
And with that done, I headed out the door for my evening "chill out" time.
"Be careful!" my father hollered.
"C'mon, dad. You know I always do."
Ah. The peace and quiet of the outdoors. It takes a highly refined sense to really enjoy it.
So there I was, walking down the block. I was already enjoying 5 minutes of quiet when...
That only meant one thing: Trouble. So I walked towards the scenario when I recognized 2 familiar people: The new girl and the class bully.
"Now you give me the answers to the homework, or I will definitely kill you!" the bully threatend the new girl.
"N-n-no! I'll never give them to a mean hedgehog like you!" she answered and ran away.
"Why you little b-" and gave chase.
I decided to follow them because I couldn't
:iconkaothehedgehog:KaoTheHedgehog 0 2
Maplestory Randomness by KaoTheHedgehog Maplestory Randomness :iconkaothehedgehog:KaoTheHedgehog 1 1
Dragon Love
"Mommy, could you tell me a bedtime story?" the little Latias asked her mother.
"Of course, little one," the mother Latias replied.
"Lati": "You'll never catch me!"  >giggles<
"Ray": "Oh I sure can!  >laughs and chases after Latias<
>They continue chasing each other for a while<
"Ray":  "Got you!  >laughs and tickles Latias in her stomach<
"Lati" : >giggles uncontrollably< Okay, you got me! You got me! Stop…tickling…me… >giggles more<
"Ray" :  >Stops tickling Latias< Okay. It's your turn to be "it". >Flies off quickly<
"Lati": Here I come, "Ray"! >Flies off looking for "Ray"<
>3 minutes later<
"Lati": Tag! >giggles<
"Ray": Okay then. Tag! >Tickles her again<
"Lati" : >laughs a lot< "Ray", you know I'm ticklish! >laughs more<
"Ray" : >sighs< I need a little break. I know! Follow me! >stops tickling "Lati"
:iconkaothehedgehog:KaoTheHedgehog 1 5
Rayquaza x Latias by KaoTheHedgehog Rayquaza x Latias :iconkaothehedgehog:KaoTheHedgehog 1 2
Feel free to browse my (somewhat fail) gallery!

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I estimate that about 80-90% of my favorites gallery are pairings that I support. Please watch out so that you don't blow your gaskets and start hurling flames my way. Thank you.



Kao the Hedgehog
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a hedgehog in reality. A hedgehog who can turn into a
dragon-hedgehog hybrid and use dragon powers. Not kidding. I swear it's true.



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